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AOL Gold Desktop Support Number 

Technology has its own importance and in the present market, it is playing a vital role in every kind of product and services. In the same way, AOL Desktop Gold is now with some new enhanced and advanced features for the customers. There are many things which can be done by the email system and AOL Desktop Gold provide all those facilities to you to utilize. It has some advanced features and functions and features which provide safety to your vital information as well your system too. There is a possibility that while using it you might confront with some technical hiccups in it and need some assistance to get rid of from all such kind of errors and other vulnerabilities. There are options available for you to rectify any kind of issue you ever face in it through AOL Desktop Gold Technical Support Number where you will be helped by the certified technicians to handle every issue you face in it and that too within a short period of time and hassle-free solution

Some important features which are recently updated in AOL Desktop Gold such as-

  • Automatic Updates : This feature is quite beneficial as you need not require to manually update the software as it has a function which updates automatically and saves the time also and less space.
  • Advanced Technology: It is packaged with advanced technology and with boosted speed and performance and fewer errors.
  • Customized Font and Text Options: You can customize the font and text option according to your requirements
  • Two-Screen Verification Process: It has safety features which can protect your vital information and can save the account to be hacked
  • Updated Web Browser: The updated browser can protect you from dangerous malware and your vital information too. It can save your favorite website and toolbars and you have not to wait for any website to load.

Apart from such wonderful features and function in the new AOL Desktop Gold, there are some errors too which you might confront while using it which can’t be resolved by you itself as all the errors are a lit bit technical in nature. All such issues can be described below such as-

  • I am unable to install AOL Desktop Gold. What do I do?
  • I get prompted to update Microsoft .NET Framework to 4.5.2 while installing the new AOL Desktop. Do I need to do the update?
  • Why am I unable to play certain games on Pogo.com?
  • Where do I enter my password?
  • My mail is missing. What should I do?
  • There is an error while sending and receiving email?
  • Where are my Favorites or Address Book contacts?
  • My AOL Desktop icon is missing from my computer desktop. How can I add it?
  • Why won’t the AOL Desktop Gold connect so I can get online?
  • I am having issues printing from AOL Desktop Gold. How can I fix it?
  • AOL Desktop Gold is slow. What should I do?

All the above-mentioned errors can be resolved in an easy way as there is an option for you in the form of AOL Desktop Gold Customer Support number where you will get the assistance from the certified experts who will help you in resolving the issue within a short period of time. You can avail the service without any hassle and with a rapid response. The error might occur at any time, so as the solution should be there. Our experts will be available for you 24×7 online to resolve each and every technical glitch while using AOL Desktop Gold in anywhere across the world.