Why do I get a blank screen when trying to sign in to AOL Mail?

AOL Support

AOL is free to email which is based on web, therefore, it is easy to access from anywhere with the help of internet connection in the device. Sometimes it has been reported that when the user tries to sign in AOL email then their device screen get blank. If this issue also occurs with you then don’t worry because you can follow the instruction given here to fix it. If the problem remains same then take help of expert of tech support by dial AOL email technical support number whenever you want.

Sign out and again try to sign in after few minutes:

To fix some technical problems this is the common solution which is effective. To shoot out blank screen problem sign out and then sign in your account after few minutes.

Clear your browser history, cookies and caches:

Caches, browsing history, and cookies get stored in the device and often shows the problem. Delete all cookies, caches and browser history from your device.

Reset the web setting:

By default setting reset your web browser to fix the issue of the blank screen during sign in AOL email account.

Use a different browser to access your AOL email accounts:

If after following above instructions still, you cannot fix the issue then try to access your AOL email from the different browser. Open new browser visit mail.aol.com and sign in by using your AOL Username and password.

Check for your Java Applet Script and cookies are enabled in internet option:

After trying all steps and tips to fix blank screen issue during sign in AOL email, your issues are as usual then you can try this one. Enable Java applet scripting and cookies to solve the issue.

When you try these all instruction but still there is no response and your problem remains same then you should take help of technical support team of AOL. Users can reach them through AOL email customer care number 24/7 because experts are always ready to help their customers.

How do I enable/disable the browser password manager in AOL Desktop Gold?

Download AOL Desktop Gold Software

AOL Desktop Gold is a new version of AOL browser with hi-tech security reason. It has three main features anti-key logging, screen grab protection and block scam website. For management of online passwords and credentials, this browser is safe and simple. Either any AOL Desktop Gold browser face trouble to use it then tech support team is always ready to help its users through AOL Desktop Gold tech support number.

To enable your AOL password manager to follow the instructions given below:

  1. AT AOL Desktop Windows tap at keyword menu and then click at “Go to Keyword.”

    AOL Gold Support

  2. Type “Browser setting” in the box and then enter or click to “Go.”
  3. Select the browser tab from the left side of the window.
  4. Now click on the passwords tab from the top of browser setting.

    AOL Gold

  5. Check the box next to “Offer to save passwords I enter on the web”.
  6. Leave the settings window and done.

Note: If you want to disable the password manager then follow same steps and deactivate the box next to “Offer to save passwords I enter on the web” and then leave settings window.

To save password you can search by following the steps given below.

  1. Open the AOL Desktop Gold and at the top of the window click on keyword menu and tap to “Go to Keyword.”

    AOL Gold Service

  2. Type “Browser Setting” and enter or click to GO.
  3. Now tap to the browser tab from the left side of the window.
  4. Click on the Password tap which is located on top of the browser setting

    Download aol gold

  5. For username and website use Search Password field.

    Install AOL gold

  6. To display your password click to show next
  7. Check your password and continue

Above instructions help you to enable or disable the browser password manager too easily. Without any issues, customers can also check their password. Still, you feel you need help to fix this issue to connect with AOL Gold Support 24/7 because service of tech support is always available

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How to set up AOL email in Windows 10 Mail app?

AOL is one of the top emails which has amazing features but it doesn’t charge for its service. Because it is web-based email service, therefore, users can access their email account from anywhere they want. If any user of AOL email wants to configure its setting to send or receive email manually, then follow simple instructions given here. If you stuck with any issue then just dial AOL email customer care number and take help of technical support team.

How to set up AOL email in Windows 10 Mail app? 

To set up AOL email in Windows 10 add its account to Mail and Calendar app. It may possible that you already use Hotmail or Outlook email at Microsoft account but you can add new email account at here.

How to add a new email address?      

  1. Start your email app for windows by choosing Mail.Mail Account
  2. If you never open the mail app before then you will find a “Welcome page.” Now click to select “Add account” and start.Add account

Ifyou use this mail app then select the setting which is located at bottom of the left navigation pane. In setting click to “Manage account.”Manage Account

  1. Click and select Add account.
  2. Scroll down below.Add account
  3. Here you will find the option of account type.
  4. Select any one type of account which you want to add.Choose account
  5. Now you need to enter all information about your account like username password, account name and click to “Sign in”.
  6. This account name will appear in the left pane of Mail for Windows 10 and Manage accounts pane.
  7. Enter to complete the process or click to “Done.”
  8. Now your email data will start to synchronize and start your AOL email at Window 10 Mail app

If you complete the instruction and successfully configure AOL email to Windows 10 Mail app then its good but due to any issue you face trouble and failed. Don’t worry just dial AOL Customer Care Phone Number 24 × 7. Experts of tech support provide their service always.


AOL Tech Support Number

AOL email tech support phone number

To keep in touch with each other we use telecom service. Nowadays telecom service has more advanced features than before. Hi-tech gazettes have made it easy to communicate anywhere we want. Email is a professional way of communication, to send a message, files, pictures we use email service. AOL email is free for all users with exclusive features. Due to AOL mail service, it has almost millions of users. Now AOL has added more features to enhance its performance. If you try to install AOL email and have trouble then you can ask tech support team to assist you. Ring on AOL Technical Support Phone Number whenever you need help. The new updated features of AOL are given below:

AOL email features for all users:

  1. Unlimited storage of all emails:

The AOL email has unlimited storage capacity which allows users to keep their all emails. They don’t need to delete any message.

  1. Users can send large files per email:

Now the ability of send attachment of AOL email has improved. Users can send 25 MB attachment per mail.

  1. Customize signature for all users who create it:

The AOL email has added a new feature for users of the customized sign. Users of AOL can create their own customized sign which may simple or include links and images as well.

  1. Stationary facility for AOL users:

The stationery features of AOL have different font style, font size, calendars, notebooks, and reminders. By the help of this features AOL users can remember important dates, events, and meeting.

  1. Instant text message directly on cell phone:

AOL email has a feature to send an instant message directly from the mail.  Users can send a text message on the mobile of the receiver which is the coolest feature ever.

  1. 1000 filters for spam and junk email:

The spam and junk filters of AOL email identify such emails and automatic transfer to the spam folder.

AOL email has amazing features for all users who love it. This is a reliable and secure email address. If any user has an issue with AOL email then they can connect on AOL email tech support phone number which is available for 24 hours every day.

aol email tech support numberr

AOL Mail Tech Support Number

We are in the modern age and everyone is tilted towards hi-tech gadgets and services which are now an essential part of life to accomplish the routine task. Communication is also a vital part of life in the current era and there are several communication services. AOL is one of the most prominent Email service providers in the world which has millions of users around the globe with various features and functions comprised of. The users have plenty of option to uti1lize its services by just installing its App or they can register directly on its official website. While using the services of AOL Email, it might be a possibility that the users may face technical glitches and need some assistance to resolve them and we have the option too for them to resolve all those issues through our AOL Email Customer Support Number where our technicians of level six will assist them in resolving the issues.

It’s just a matter of time it seems that the emergence of AOL from last few decades is really drastic. It evolved in a various manner such as wealth, technology and the users which are really important for everyone. Although now Verizon acquired AOL but it retained AOL’s Email services due to the advanced technology based features and functions which can be utilized by the users such it has plenty of storage capacity for storing the Emails and the users can send 25 MB data in attachment with the email whether it is document file, picture format or its video files. If the user will send the same data from the cloud storage then its limit is 1 GB.

There are some more features which the users can avail very easily as provided the process. Although there are several competitors in the market and providing the same services but AOL Email is among the leading service provider just because of its features and functions which are really Hi-tech as it is the safest way to send and receive emails as AOL server converts all the Email into encrypted mode automatically which can be ready only by the senders and receivers.

That’s not enough for the features of AOL Email but we have some constraints to narrate in limited words. Apart from such kind of features and functions, it could be possible that the users may confront the technical issues while using it and need some help to rectify the same with the help assistance of AOL Tech Support Phone Number where our highly qualified and skilled technicians will assist the users within no time. Our services will be available 24×7 and can be availed without any hassle.

How to Uninstall and reinstall the AOL Desktop Software?

The users of AOL Desktop software might face some technical glitches while using it and need to reinstall the software for that purpose they need to uninstall the software first. We are providing the complete process of ‘How to uninstall and reinstall the AOL Desktop software’ and the users are required to follow the same very strictly to resolve their issues. In any case, they face some error while following the instruction then they have one more option to resolve the issues through AOL Email Customer support number

The users are required to follow the instructions to uninstall and reinstall AOL Desktop, first they have to select their operating system below:

Windows 8 and Windows 10

To uninstall and reinstall AOL Desktop:

  1. Windows 8– The users have to select from the Start screen, and then required to click the down arrow to open the App menu. Then right-click on AOL Desktop and then select the Uninstall at the bottom of the screen.

Windows 10 – To uninstall in Windows 10 the users have first click From the Start screen, then right-click on the AOL                Desktop and then they have to select Uninstall from the drop down menu.

  1. The user can choose from the list of currently installed programs, and then double-click on AOL Uninstaller to begin the uninstall process.
  2. In this step a window will appear, which will ask the users to perform a scan of their system for all AOL software. After that they are required to click on Yes. By clicking on Yes, the scan process might take some time to complete.
  3. After the previous step, on the AOL Uninstaller screen, the users have to select all of the applications available by checking the corresponding check boxes.
  4. Now it’s time to click on Uninstall, and by that the uninstall process will begin.
  5. If the users are asked if they want to keep their old files, then they have to check the Personal Data and Settings check box and then click on OK button.
  6. When the uninstall process completes, the users will be asked to restart their computer. The users have to ensure it that they have saved every documents or files they have opened, and then click on Restart button.
  7. After the previous step and the users restart their computer, the users have to visit on the provided website http://discover.aol.com/products-and-services/aol-desktop-for-windows.
  8. From the provided website the users are required to click on Download button.
  9. Now the users have to open the file and click Run and if the users are prompted by the User Account Control window, then click on Yesor Continue button.
  10. In this step the users will be prompted to shut down any AOL applications they have open and to do this, they have to click on Continue Install.
  11. Now it’s time to select Install New Version and then click on Continue option.
  12. After performing previous step the users have to select their preferred software settings by checking the corresponding check boxes and then they have to click on Continue option.
  13. Yes, it is time for review the selected settings of the users.
  14. If the users finished everything instructed, then they have to click on Install Now button to start the process of installation. After the completion of installation, the AOL Desktop will run automatically.
  15. The users will find the Let’s Get Startedwindow, where they have to select Use your existing AOL Screen Name.
  16. Now the users have to enter their Screen Name and Password and then click on Next button. After that the users will be signed into the AOL Desktop software.
  17. So finally the users successfully reinstalled the AOL Desktop Software and they can continue to use the software as they like.

So that’s it the complete process which we have provided above and now the users have to follow each and every step very carefully to complete the process and to resolve their issue which they were facing in the beginning of the instructions. Even then if the users face some technical glitches then they have one more option to resolve the issue through AOL Email Customer Service Number where they will be assisted by our skilled and trained technicians 24×7

Verizon Email setting into mobile device with your new account information (POP3)

AOL always remain in the news and most of the time related to some changes in business strategies. It has millions of users across the world especially in U.S.A. and Europe. Recently there was a big change when it was taken over by Verizon but they kept intact the AOL Email services. Verizon moved their all email customers towards AOL server as the services of AOL Email is quite safe and secure. Now the point is that how Verizon email customers can utilize the AOL Email services. Well, they have not to worry as we are providing a solution for them where the users have to make some changes in their Email settings and after that, they can utilize even AOL Email services. The users have to follow the instructions very carefully and if they face any error in following the instructions then they can ask for assistance through AOL Technical Support Phone Number 

The users can learn how to update their settings in the email client that they use.

IMPORTANT: the users are required to utilize the instructions here only if they are using any third party email services with the settings of POP3 to send and receive their Verizon mail account before migration of their account to AOL.

POP3 is simply a protocol or method which can be used to access email on smartphones.

POP3 can be utilized for downloading the user’s email messages from any server to a desktop computer or any other device, after that it deletes it from the main server. In another words after downloading the emails the device where the emails have been downloaded is single copy of those emails.

The users are required to follow the steps below which we are mentioning after the migration of their Verizon.net email to AOL Mail to update the password settings.

We are providing the instruction for setting up for Mac into outlook settings.

Mac (Apple) Mail 10

  1. In the beginning the users have to launch Mac Mail.
  2. I the next step the users have to select Mail which can be found in the top-left corner of the screen and after that they have to click on
  3. The users have to now click on the Accounts tab and then click on their Verizon account which is on the left side.
  4. After that the users are required to click on the Server Settingsserver setting
  5. In this step the users have to type in their new password in the Password
  6. After that the users can click on Save optionwhich can be find in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  7. After the previous step the users have to click on the Account Information Account Information
  8. Now the users have to make it sure that they had not checked the box which is next to Remove copy from server after retrieving a message.
  9. Now the users are required to simply exit from the remaining windows.
  10. That’s the final step where the users have to just send a test email to themselves to ensure the settings are correct and their email arrives successfully in their inbox.

According to the above description the users are required to strictly follow the same steps to resolve their issue and while following the steps if they face technical glitches then they one more option to resolve the issue through AOL mail Customer service where our technical experts will assist them in resolving the issue within a short span of time. The users can contact 24×7 to our tech support system to resolve their any kind of technical queries.

Run Quick Restore when using ACS 4 or ACS 3

The users of AOL Email might face some technical issues such as we are discussing over here where the users are unable to run restore when they are using ACS 4 or ACS 3. The issue is not as common as it seems so the users need assistance from the experts. We are providing the solution for the issues and if the users face some errors while resolving the issues then they another option to resolve the issues through AOL Helpline Number where they will be assisted by the technicians 24×7 online.

We are providing some of the steps and instruction where the users can learn how to ‘Run Quick Restore when using ACS 4 or ACS 3’.

The users have to follow the below mentioned steps to run Quick Restore with AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) 3 or 4 please follow the instructions below.

      1. In the beginning the users have to open the AOL System Information window:
        • If the users are using Windows 8, then they have to press the Windows keyand the R key at the same time. The Run window will open. The users are required to type “sinf” (without the quotes) in the Run field and press Enter button after that.
        • If the users are using Windows­ 7 or Vista, then click on Start and in the Searchfield, they have to type “system” without quotes. After that they have to click on AOL System Information. If anything prompted by the User Account Control window, click Yes or Continue.
        • If the users are using Windows XP, 2000, Me or 98, then click on Startbutton and select the Run. In the Open box, type “sinf,” and then click on OK. If prompted by the User Account Control window, click on Yes or Continue.
      2. The users have to click on the AOL Software tab on the left of the AOL System Information window
        aol software
      3. Now they have to click on Quick Restore

      4. After that just click on OK.
      5. Now again click on Close button once Quick Restore is complete
      6. Close the AOL System Information 2.0 window
      7. Now the users are required to Start the AOL Desktop software and sign in. You may be prompted to select the AOL Desktop software as your default web application


        • If the Screen Name box shows Existing Member, click Sign On. You will be prompted to enter your Username and password. The next time you sign on, all the Usernames on your AOL account will appear on the Sign on 
        • If the users do not see the Password box, then click the Screen Name drop-down menu to open it, and then select another Username from the list. Once the users have selected a different Username, the Password box should reappear. They can then select any Username from the drop-down menu to sign in.

As we have observed that the users can resolve their issues which they are facing while using the AOL Email by just following the instructions step by step. They are required to follow the instructions very carefully to resolve the issue and if they face some error then they can have assistance through AOL Email Customer Care Support Phone Number where they will be assisted by our technicians of level six.

How do I manually configure the settings in email applications to send and receive my AOL Mail?

How one can handle the situation when they are facing the bugs while sending an email or any other issues? Well, these things can be handled if the users can shift their Email service provider from any other to AOL Email services. Yes, exactly it is the solution for those who are suffering from such kind of things as AOL has various features for the users to serve with safety and security. So to do so the users are required to install its App in the system or they can configure in their Windows-based system. Somehow the user might face some errors such as ‘unable to configure the settings in Email Application of AOL Email’ and if the users can’t handle this then they need some support to resolve this error. We are here providing the complete solution with instruction for the same issue so that the users can easily utilize the features of AOL Email and if they still face errors while following the instructions then they can have assistance through AOL Customer Support Number +1-844-794-2729.

Process for the solution

The setting which we are providing over here for the users should be configured by the users itself by just following the instructions

How the users can configure the settings to use AOL Mail in email applications that are not developed by AOL, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows 10 Mail, etc.

The users are required to access AOL Mail using a third-party email client which requires manual configuration using supported AOL mail servers and port numbers. Only use the AOL-supported servers and port numbers listed below when configuring mail settings.

If the users are connected with AOL Email or the AOL app, they are not required to make any changes to their settings for further use.

Step 1: Find the IMAP/POP server and port settings in the email application.

If the users can find these settings usually under an account settings menu in their application.

Step 2: The users are required to update their server and port settings and save their changes.

If the users have updated their all settings but still can’t retrieve their mail or encounter an error, then they are required to check their username. It should be their full email address, including @aol.com

Protocol Server Settings Port Settings
POP3 Incoming mail server (POP3): pop.aol.com

Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.aol.com

Make sure SSL encryption is enabled for the incoming and outgoing mail server.

POP3 – 995 – SSL

SMTP – 465 – SSL

IMAP Incoming mail server (IMAP): imap.aol.com

Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.aol.com

Make sure SSL encryption is enabled for the incoming and outgoing mail server.

IMAP – 993 – SSL

SMTP – 465 – SSL

The user’s Email client might prompt the users to select either IMAP or POP3. Read our “What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP?” help article to learn about the differences between IMAP and POP3. If the users decide to change their configuration from POP3 to IMAP, save or back up their email to avoid potential loss during the transition.

Some more assistance with common email clients

We are providing the links over here which can help the users in common email applications. These settings may include server and port settings in the instructions that are NOT for AOL Mail.

If the users get to a step with server and port settings, only use the settings listed in the table in step 2 of this article.

  • Thunderbird (use AOL server and port settings)
  • Outlook 2016 (Follow steps under “Manual Setup” option and use AOL server and port settings)
  • Outlook 2013 (Follow steps under “Other Email Account” option and use AOL server and port settings)
  • Outlook 2010 (Follow steps under “Other Email Account” option and use AOL server and port settings)
  • Outlook 2007 (Follow steps under “Other Email Account” option and use AOL server and port settings)
  • Windows 10 Mail (Follow steps for “Add an account using advanced setup” and use AOL server and port settings)
  • Windows Live Mail (Follow steps “To change server settings for your email service provider” and use AOL server and port settings)
  • IncrediMail (use AOL server and port settings)
  • iPhone Mail (Follow steps to “Set up your email account manually” and use AOL server and port settings)
  • Gmail on Android (Follow steps for “Manual setup in the Gmail app” and use AOL server and port settings)

As we have described the details related to the solution for the issue which the users are facing. The users are required to follow the instructions as they are given in step by step. If they face some error even then while following the steps then they have one more option to resolve the issues through AOL Email Support Number +1-844-794-2729 where our skilled and trained technicians will assist them in resolving the issues within a short span of time and without any hassle.

AOL Email Tech Support Number

Communication is the most important part of life for everyone whether it is from SMS, WhatsApp, social media or Email. Email can be counted one of the safest media for sending and receiving the messages and AOL is most famous Email service provider from across the world. The users can utilize its features by just installing it and configure it in their system, gadgets or any other devices. The users can utilize its features in many ways such as they can send and receive the emails in a protected manner through encrypted mode where the message can be seen only by the sender and receivers. The users can send attachments up to 30 MB and if they will send it through cloud storage then they can send 1 GB attachment. If the users face any kind of technical errors then there is always a way to resolve the issues through AOL Email Technical Support Number +1-844-794-2729 where the users will be assisted by skillful technicians within a short span of time.

We depicted some of the features of AOL Email which can be utilized at any time. The users can store Emails as it has plenty of storage capacity to store the emails. The users can import their data from their old version to latest version AOL Desktop Gold as it imports complete data automatically. The users have some more features of AOL which can be utilized in many ways. The users can filter the Email through searching option, they have the option to create and customize the folder, the users can use Trash folder for deleting the Emails, the users have the facility to manage the calendar, and much more are there.

As we can observe and analyze it that the AOL Email users have plenty of features to utilize it in a proper manner. Apart from all these above features, it has some technical glitches too which are confronted by the users while using it. Well, the users have not to worry as we have a team of technical experts who are well qualified and skilled and can assist the users in resolving the issues through AOL Email Customer Support Number +1-844-794-2729 24×7 online and the users will get the prompt reply with an accurate answer.