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How to access old email and address book with an inactive AOL Desktop Gold subscription

People think that after they install AOL Desktop Gold on their system their work is finished but they are wrong as they have to see that subscription does not get expired. And if you are one of those people whose subscription of AOL desktop Gold has expired or you do not wish to reactivate their subscription then they should not be worried about how they will get hold of their emails and address book. In this blog, you will know how to access emails when you have inactive AOL Desktop Gold subscription.

The steps which must be followed by the users to get hold of their old emails, address book as well as an attachment when they have their AOL Desktop Gold Subscription pending:

  1. How to access locally saved emails?

One can easily access their saved emails which are stored locally on their older version of AOL desktop but it can be accessed in the read-only format.

  • Open the AOL gold software on your system but don’t log in
  • Now you need to choose the username for which you want to see the emails for from the login screen
  • After clicking on the icon of Read Mail, you can choose any folder so as to access your locally stored emails. And now you have the right to open it and read it.
  1. How to get Address Book contacts?

Just follow the below-mentioned steps so as to get hold of your contacts

  • Go to the official website of AOL and login to your account entering the correct credential
  • Click on the option of Contacts to view Address Book
  1. How to access the downloaded email attachments?

If you want to see or access the email attachment which you have downloaded then you can follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

  • Just select the username from the list of available user name present in the login screen of AOL Desktop Gold
  • Now you have to click on the File option that is on the top
  • And then just go to Download Manager and choose the attachment you want to open and then double click to open it.
  1. How can one make a backup of their locally stored emails?
  • Launch the software AOL Desktop Gold on your system but don’t sign it
  • Just click the username that is present in the drop menu and selects the username on which you want to work
  • After clicking on Read Mail icon you can choose any folder which is saved on your PC.
  • Now you just to open an email and then you need open the File Menu that is on the top of the screen
  • From their just to choose the option of Save to save the email by giving it a proper name by choosing the format.
  1. How to use AOL Mail for transferring emails?
  • Just logging to your AOL Mail by entering the correct username and password
  • And click to view inbox or compose to create any new email.

By following this blog you can have access to your email data even if your AOL Desktop Gold subscription is expired. But if you are facing any kind of issue while fixing this then just reactivate the subscription. You can also try to update AOL desktop Gold on your system by deleting the previous version.

How to enable or disable browser password manager in AOL Gold


How to enable or disable browser password manager in AOL Gold

With the approach of modern technology in 21st century skills, cybercrime and hacking have increased to a vast extent. Invading the privacy, using the personal information for the malicious deeds is becoming really common. The hackers are always on the go of stealing the data and using it for their own corrupt practices. It becomes really important to safeguard your password. AOL Desktop Gold, as widely known provides with a list of astounding feature. One of them, which may not be known to many is that you can enable or disable the browser password manager in AOL Gold. The statement might seem complex, but it can be achieved really easily. It is invented with the purpose of keeping the user’s security as the premium concern. By using this feature you can manage as well as organize the online password and credentials.  To know how it is done, just look at the steps given in this blog, and then if you wish you can contact the customer service.

Method to enable/disable the browser password manager in AOL Gold

Step 1: First you need to open the AOL Gold software and sign in to the account by adding your login credentials.

Step 2: You will be able to see a settings icon, click on that.

Step 3: Navigate to the browser option at the left and select that.

Step 4: Once done, choose the passwords tab.

Step 5: Select the option of ‘offer to save passwords I enter on the web’. Save the changes

Step 6: Once done, exit the program and make sure that you have saved the settings.

(Kindly Note: The steps to disable the password manager is same as above, but you will be required to deselect the box, which you had selected while enabling the password manager.)

Once you are through with the process, it will become really easy and convenient for you to look for the password that has been saved. You can follow the given guidelines to see how it is done:

  • Go to the settings icon in AOL desktop gold and select that.
  • Move to the browser and then to the passwords tab.
  • Display the required password with the help of search password field.

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If everything goes smoothly, then you will be able to achieve the given agenda. You can also install the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold in your device. And if by chance you face any issues with the functioning of this software, then you can always reach out to the AOL Desktop gold and avail solutions as and when required.


What to do if AOL Desktop Gold Icon is not working


Download AOL Gold 

AOL Desktop Gold is a software which offers every basic need of a user on a computer. This software provides all the features like a web browser, media streamer, email service, allows you to play the game and much more. The most important thing about AOL Desktop software is that it gives this much services with a highly secured interface. AOL Desktop Gold software is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. You can get this software when you have AOL premium membership.

AOL Desktop Gold software has millions of users all around the world. People appreciate this software because of the amazing features and service, yet there are some people who have a complaint about the technical glitches with this software. AOL Desktop Gold icon is not working is one of those issues. Here in this blog all the information to solve this error is given. If you are also getting the same problem on your computer, then follow the instructions given in this blog to rectify this problem.

Causing factors behind this error   

There can be a lot of factors which causes this problem. Some of them are listed below.

  • Corrupt or damaged files present in the AOL Desktop Gold folder.
  • Improper installation of the AOL Desktop Gold software
  • If the HDD space is almost full or has low space
  • Due to the virus or malware presence
  1. Resolve icon not working issue : To solve this problem quickly try below-given methods one by one and check if anyone works.
  2. Restart the computer: One of the basic methods to rectify any issue with AOL Desktop Gold is the restart. The highlight thing is that it works also. So, when you face any hiccup with AOL Desktop Gold software, then restart the computer.
  3. Make some space in a hard drive: Shortage of memory in the hard drive also cause problems when using any software on the computer. So, if your computer has low HDD space then delete some unnecessary files from the hard drive.
  4. Antivirus: A virus or malware corrupt or damaged files in the software. So, use an Antivirus software and scan the whole computer. Then fix the virus problem and delete the suspicious files from the computer.
  5. Reinstall: Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold software after deleting all the software files from the computer. Reinstall process will create a new icon on the home screen. Restart the computer when the process gets completed.

These are the steps which can be helpful when you face theAOL Desktop Gold icon is missingissue. If you need an expert’s help then you can take help from customer support service.


How to fix Upgrade issue with AOL Desktop Gold


Download AOL Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is the latest version of AOL Desktop Software, which you can use when you have the AOL premium membership. When people update any software from the older one to the newer one, generally some issues come across. This is also AOL users, they get difficulties while upgrading the AOL Desktop Gold software. There can be plenty of reasons behind this problem. But the main components behind this issue can be a faulty computer, network, router or even the AOL Desktop Gold software itself. If you are an AOL user and facing the same issue or you can face this problem in future, then you should go with the instructions given in this blog to solve the Upgrade issue with AOL Desktop Gold. Also, you can ask an expert on customer support service.

Resolve AOL Desktop Gold upgrade issue

  1. System Requirement : When you download or install software on the computer the 1st steps for you should be to check the system requirement. Because a system which doesn’t support the minimum system requirement for software will show the compatibility issue. So, compare the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold software system requirement and your computer specifications, and make sure to meet that.
  2. Internet Connection : To get the best working of AOL Desktop Gold software you should use ADSL modem routers. ADSL modem routers best support the AOL Desktop Gold software because ADSL modem router comes with adjustable settings. N range wireless routers are advised to use with AOL Desktop Gold software.

Follow the right steps for installation according to your membership plan

(Follow below-mentioned steps when you have the trial AOL membership)

  • Firstly go to the official website and login with your AOL account credentials, then get the AOL Gold membership and perform the instructions to create a new AOL Account
  • After you have logged into your AOL account go to ‘Manage my subscriptions’ section and click on premium subscription tab
  • Look for the get started button and click on that.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail having the link to AOL Desktop Gold download page for your OS
  • Click on download link and save the setup file on the desktop of your system
  • Double click on the file to install AOL Desktop Gold, proceed with the screen instructions to complete the installation.

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If you will go with these solutions then the AOL Desktop Gold upgrade problem will be resolved and you will enjoy using the software and its features. Just make sure that everything is followed in the right way.

Need assistance to download AOL Desktop Gold


Download AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is a very reputed desktop software in this day and age. People everywhere have adapted to this program and are enjoying its fullest potentials. It is a very reliable software that can perform almost every task you want. And also as a bonus feature, it contains all the things you love about AOL and has added security features. So, make sure to download AOL Desktop Gold today if you haven’t already. There may be instances where you want to utilize this software but you cannot because you do not know how to download and install it. If you are going through that situation, then this blog will be useful for you. Here you will find the steps that you need to perform in order to download the software on your computer and also how to install AOL desktop Gold. But if you want to learn from a more reliable source you can directly contact the representatives at the AOL customer service site.

Before performing any kind of measures or steps, you need to make sure to check the system requirements of the software. Then only you should move forward. Or else you will face certain unnecessary complications. If you have all the requirements ready, follow the steps given below:

    • To download the software you have to download it according to the plan that you have subscribed to. Either the AOL Advantage Plan or through the AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription package. You can also use the confirmation link send to your email and download the file from there.
    • For AOL advantage members, download the link from ‘mybenefits’ page.
    • For AOL desktop gold trial or subscription members, download it by signing in to your ‘my account’ page.
    • And for the rest, you need to check your email and search for an email from the Official AOL site.
    • Then proceed with the installation by opening the ‘install_AOL_Desktop icon’ file and running it on your computer.
    • Follow the instructions displayed to finish the installation.

By applying these steps, you will be able to download the software and enjoy its services. If you happen to run into any technical glitches or errors, you can contact the AOL customer service team to help you with the complication

AOL Desktop Gold for Mac


Download AOL Desktop Gold

Working on Mac OS is quite different from Windows OS. But AOL Desktop Gold software works the same with any OS. AOL Desktop Gold software allows a user to use web-browser, watch videos, listen audios etc. through one software. AOL Desktop provides all the services of AOL Inc.

If you are a Mac user and want to Install AOL Desktop Gold software on your computer, then read this whole blog. You can take help from customer support if you feel like help while working on AOL Desktop Gold software.

Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold for Mac

To get the AOL Desktop Gold on your computer, you just need to follow some simple steps.

For a new AOL user

If you are totally new with AOL. In that case, follow these steps:

  • Open a web browser and go to the official website of AOL.
  • Then take an AOL plan and become an AOL member.
  • You need to go on AOL sign in page and click on create an account.
  • Enter your information in the required fields and click on continue. After that create a strong password, to secure your account.
  • When you get an AOL membership, you will get an AOL email ID also.
  • Then sign in to your AOL account and take a premium plan.
  • Log in to that AOL email ID and open the email sent to you by AOL. The email says ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold’.
  • Click on the link given in that email message. This steps will start the download of AOL Desktop Gold software.
  • When the download is complete, run the setup to install AOL Desktop Gold software.

For an AOL member

If you are already an AOL member, then

  • Go to the AOL login page, using a web browser.
  • Then sign into your AOL Account and take an AOL premium plan.
  • Then follow the same steps as the new AOL member to download and Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

Hope, you get the solution to your problem. If you find any issue, while working on AOL Desktop Gold software, then you can take help from the customer support team.

How to fix AOL mail Problem


How to fix the problem in sending AOL mail ?

In this era of technology, everyone wants to use advanced software, applications, gadgets, and devices. AOL desktop gold is the latest version of AOL desktop and it fulfills many needs of a user on a computer. AOL desktop gold is very easy to use. It has enhanced security features and AOL Inc. regularly releases new updates with amazing features in this. When you buy an AOL desktop gold plan you get an AOL account with an AOL email ID. This email has better security features, unlimited storage for messages etc. features. AOL has millions of users all around the world because of its amazing features.

Sometimes AOL email users face issues with their AOL email account. These issues can be a login issue, email sending issue etc.

In this blog let’s discuss the issue when the user can’t send emails on AOL email. This issue can be very frustrating if you don’t how to fix this. But you can fix this with some troubleshooting techniques.

Resolving “Not able to send Emails” issue:

This issue can be solved with some troubleshooting techniques. Just carefully follow them as it is or takes experts suggestions on AOL customer support number.

  • Restart the computer: Due to the continuous use of the computer, there may be the reason that the RAM of your computer is full. In that case, restart your computer, it will clear the RAM space and you will be able to send messages.
  • Upgrade your web browser: If you are using an outdated web browser then upgrade it to the latest version.
  • Clear the browsing data: Clear all the history, cache, and cookies created by your web browser. For that go to history page and then click on “clear browsing data” option available at the top left corner of the page.
  • Disable Firewall: Disable Firewall or any other blocking application by using ant 3rd party Anti-Virus.
  • Clear sent folder: Check the sent folder in your AOL email account. If it is full of emails then delete all emails to clear the space.

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All these techniques should have solved your problem. If you have faced any problem in performing those techniques or you have any other query contact on AOL Customer Helpline Number. This number is toll-free and techies on this number are 24X7 available for AOL users.

Add, Edit and Delete contact groups in AOL Desktop Gold Mail


Add, edit and delete contact groups in AOL Desktop Gold Mail

AOL Desktop Gold is an extravagant software for the AOL users. Be it the AOL Email, music, videos or movies, everything is there for the convenience of the users. With a lot of brilliant options, users never think that something is missing. Apart from multiple features, one feature of Address Book in this software lets the users keep track of email addresses, phone numbers, and many other things. Even users can sort it accordingly as and when they want. But first, make sure to update AOL Desktop Gold. It is mandatory to do so because once it gets done then you will not be confronted by technical snags.

Users can add, edit and delete contact groups in AOL Desktop Gold Mail as per their preference. If you are not aware of the right way then you have to read this blog until the end. It is not that troubling or complicated as it seems to you. Have a glance at the steps to do the needful changes in your AOL Desktop Gold Mail’s address book.

Adding contact –

  • Click on Mail option available at the top menu bar and select the Address book
  • Click groups in under the column categories
  • Select add group by clicking on group options
  • Enter required information in the text fields
  • Once done, click save

Edit a contact –

  • Click mail from the top menu bar and select address book
  • Select the group that you have to edit
  • Click on the edit option in group
  • Update the group information in the text fields
  • Click save after modifications

Deleting a contact –

  • Select the address book by clicking on Mail
  • Now choose the group you want to delete from the address book
  • Click the delete option
  • Give your confirmation by clicking on yes

These modifications can be done simply without anyone’s help and there is no need to get confused. Just go with the steps as they are mentioned here. If necessary, users can install AOL Desktop Gold on their device once again. It can also be possible that you might face hassles but the best part is once the changes will be done then there will be no troubles at all.

How to browse the Web on AOL Desktop Gold


How to browse the Web on AOL Desktop Gold

It is quite widely known that there are many things that can be accessed via AOL Desktop Gold and browser is one of them. With speed, reliability, and technology, AOL Desktop Gold is the perfect browser for every user. It allows you to find and view websites on the internet. It also uses the technology of AOL Shield Pro so that the users can enjoy fast and efficient web browsing experience. You must update AOL Desktop Gold for better access.

In this blog, there are multiple choices that you can try when you browse the web. You can watch your favorite movie or video, listen to music, read the news and stay updated with this software.

Searching and browsing the web –

  • First of all, launch AOL Desktop Gold
  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Click the search icon that is visible at the upper right corner of your screen
  • Type a keyword in the search field that you want to search for
  • Click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass icon

Using tabbed browsing

This option allows you to keep multiple web pages open in separate tabs while using a single browser window. You can even switch back and forth between the websites.

  • To open a tab, click the search icon in the software
  • Click on the + icon to open a new tab
  • To close the tab, click on x icon

If you don’t want to be distracted by many things at the same time then you can turn off the tabbed browsing. Here is how to do so –

  • Click on the settings icon in the AOL Desktop Gold
  • Click browser from the menu
  • Select tabs > in a new window
  • Close the settings

It must be noted here that the browser works best when you install AOL Desktop Gold latest version. Also, you can clear your browsing history named as footprints from the security tab under the browser settings. The process is easy and you will not come across any hassle.

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How to reinstall AOL Gold after reinstalling Windows 10


Download AOL Desktop Gold

There is no need to get tensed at all if your AOL Gold is lost at the time of reinstalling Windows 10. It is in the knowledge of every Windows user that the Windows 10 has upgraded. But there are very few who knows that their important data can also be lost when they are in the process of reinstalling the new version of the operating system. AOL Gold is one of the renowned desktop software programs that is used by multiple users to access their emails, search on the web, listen to music, and watch videos and much more. You can effortlessly reinstall AOL Gold even after reinstalling Windows 10. Just have a close look at the steps mentioned below.

Windows users encountered many problems when they updated their operating system. Even there were people who have to reinstall Windows 10 due to some problems. However, the process is quite easier to do so. But in case of installing AOL Gold once again, they will have to try the given steps.

Steps to reinstall AOL Gold

First of all, download Desktop Gold from the official website before you start the reinstallation process. If you were using this software earlier on your device then it will be a swift process.

Step 1: Open the file explorer icon on your desktop toolbar

Step 2: Click on downloads folder and search for the executable file that you just downloaded

Step 3: Double click on the install AOL Desktop Icon which will be shown in the list

Step 4: Click run and then install now

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to do the clean installation

It is of utmost importance to look after the basic minimum system requirements that need to be fulfilled before the installation of AOL Gold. If the software does not work or cause any other glitch then you must update AOL Gold to its newest version. If the download and re-installation are performed efficiently without any hassles then there is sure shot possibility that you will not face any error. AOL Gold is smart and intelligent software which saves your time and allow you to access various content.