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How do I increase the font size for mail in the AOL Desktop Software?

Not able to read emails due to its small font size? If yes, then AOL have covered you. AOL mail have an inbuilt feature to increase the font size of your mails. You just have to tweak some adjustment in your settings and you will be good to go.

You just have to follow the steps which are being mentioned below in order to increase size However, if you don’t want to do it yourself you can always contact Third Party AOL customer Service number for help.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. First open AOL Keyword and from there open Mail Settings.2. In this window, you can see a circle next to Medium or Large at the bottom next to Mailbox Font Size. You can on a circle depending on your need. If you want it large just click on the circle next to Large.
  1. Click Save at the bottom to save the settings. .Hooray! You now change your font size according to your preference.

Now that was one issues. Now if you want to have a reminder of your mail which need to be sent every time you sign in, then just follow the steps below.

Remind me at Sign On if I have mail waiting to be sent

You will receive a reminder message regarding the mails that you have to send which are in Your Mail Waiting to send folder. You have to check the remind button to do so.

So, you now have it. You can now fix your issues easing by just following thins easy step by step guide. Nevertheless, if you are unable resolve it even after this then you can call at AOL Technical Support Number 1-800-721-0104 to get your issues resolved.

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