I forgot my AOL password. How do I reset it?

I forgot my AOL password. How do I reset it?

Forgot your password? No worries! If you’ve forgotten the password for your AOL Mail account, follow the steps below to reset your account with a new password… Click Here  AOL Email Customer Care Phone Number

  1. First Visit aol.com.
  2. From there, on the Sign In screen, just below the Password box, click the Forgot Password? to begin.
  3. Now, in that field Enter your Username or your Email address in Username or Email
  4. Now Click on Nextto continue.
  5. You have to verify that the account belongs to you and to that click one of the headings under subject on the confirmation option you choose.

Reset password using the recovery email

  1. To do that first Click on Next. Doing this will give you an email on your given recovery email address with directions to reset the password.
  2. Now Click Close.
  3. And now Log into your recovery email address that you have chosen for recovery..
  4. Find the email name Request to reset your password and open it.
  5. Now Click on the Reset Password button given in that mail.
  6. Now type in your new password and then click on save.

Reset password using the ‘Text’ or ‘Call’ options

  1. To reset it by your phone number first enter the recovery phone number that is mentioned or given by you for your account and then click Next.
  2.  Now Select your preferred option Text or Call. Now you will receive a Call or a text message on your phone number depending on your selection.
  3. Enter the code that you received and into Enter Code box and then click Next.
  4. Now Type in your new password and click Save and you are good to go.

If, for any reason you are not able to get your password reset then you can contact AOL Email Customer Care  Number 1-800-721-0104 for the assistance.

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