Run Quick Restore when using ACS 4 or ACS 3

The users of AOL Email might face some technical issues such as we are discussing over here where the users are unable to run restore when they are using ACS 4 or ACS 3. The issue is not as common as it seems so the users need assistance from the experts. We are providing the solution for the issues and if the users face some errors while resolving the issues then they another option to resolve the issues through AOL Helpline Number where they will be assisted by the technicians 24×7 online.

We are providing some of the steps and instruction where the users can learn how to ‘Run Quick Restore when using ACS 4 or ACS 3’.

The users have to follow the below mentioned steps to run Quick Restore with AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) 3 or 4 please follow the instructions below.

      1. In the beginning the users have to open the AOL System Information window:
        • If the users are using Windows 8, then they have to press the Windows keyand the R key at the same time. The Run window will open. The users are required to type “sinf” (without the quotes) in the Run field and press Enter button after that.
        • If the users are using Windows­ 7 or Vista, then click on Start and in the Searchfield, they have to type “system” without quotes. After that they have to click on AOL System Information. If anything prompted by the User Account Control window, click Yes or Continue.
        • If the users are using Windows XP, 2000, Me or 98, then click on Startbutton and select the Run. In the Open box, type “sinf,” and then click on OK. If prompted by the User Account Control window, click on Yes or Continue.
      2. The users have to click on the AOL Software tab on the left of the AOL System Information window
        aol software
      3. Now they have to click on Quick Restore

      4. After that just click on OK.
      5. Now again click on Close button once Quick Restore is complete
      6. Close the AOL System Information 2.0 window
      7. Now the users are required to Start the AOL Desktop software and sign in. You may be prompted to select the AOL Desktop software as your default web application


        • If the Screen Name box shows Existing Member, click Sign On. You will be prompted to enter your Username and password. The next time you sign on, all the Usernames on your AOL account will appear on the Sign on 
        • If the users do not see the Password box, then click the Screen Name drop-down menu to open it, and then select another Username from the list. Once the users have selected a different Username, the Password box should reappear. They can then select any Username from the drop-down menu to sign in.

As we have observed that the users can resolve their issues which they are facing while using the AOL Email by just following the instructions step by step. They are required to follow the instructions very carefully to resolve the issue and if they face some error then they can have assistance through AOL Email Customer Care Support Phone Number where they will be assisted by our technicians of level six.

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